EPP Advisory Group, Inc. is a diversified Human Service Provider delivering customized counseling and workplace programming that empower purposeful living and a peaceful lifestyle.

Customized Programming for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit​

Workplace Alive!

Members of EPP Advisory Group are your trusted team of advisers working smart so your business thrives strong well into the 21st century.

Thrive Counseling

Thrive with Peaceful Living Counseling Center provides behavioral health counseling services for those who are seeking to improve overall quality of life.

Our Mission Is Twofold

First, our counseling services are available to individuals seeking to maximize their quality of life and personal growth by providing customized and confidential coaching and behavioral health services including a variety of assessments which aid in creating a path to reach personal goals.

Secondly, our workplace services are available to maximize the human capital potential of businesses by evaluating, recommending, and designing customized workplace programs and services that will improve the areas of leadership, employee engagement, conflict resolution, cultural wellness, and work/life balance. 

Care and Expertise you Expect

Our Team

With extensive knowledge and real world experience our team is qualified to give you the treatment you deserve to get you on a better path towards a more successful life.


Cathryn Perfetti PhD, LCPC

20 years Clinical counseling experience; Eating Disorders, Woman’s Issues, Mood Disorders, Ages 12 yrs through adulthood


Barbara Maulding MS, NCC, LCPC

Play Therapy, CBT, Expressive Arts Therapy, Depression, Anxiety, and Anger Issues. For Children, Preteens, and Adolescents.


Nicole Coniglio MA, LPC, NCC

Expressive Arts, DBT, ACT, Strength-Based Addictions, Co-dependancy, and Adjustment issues. For Adolescents and Adults. 

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EPP Advisory Group, Inc.

EPP Advisory Group, Inc. is a Diversified Human Service Provider delivering customized programs to both individuals and businesses. WORK SMART. BE WELL.THRIVE STRONG.

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