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Cathryn Perfetti, PhD, LCPC
Barbara Maulding, LCPC, NCC
Nicole Coniglio, LCPC, NCC

Thrive With Peaceful Living


THRIVE WITH PEACEFUL LIVING is our counseling program that is delivered by compassionate, experienced, and knowledgeable behavioral health professionals. Our objective is to help you achieve optimal quality of life and personal enjoyment by focusing on your process of healing, personal discovery, and ultimate growth.

EPP Advisory Group, Inc. provides confidential, customized, innovative and solution-based programming.

Counseling Overview

EPP Advisory Group, Inc. is a Diversified Human Service Provider delivering personal, professional and organizational customized learning, development, and behavioral health programs.

Specialty Areas:

Eating disorders

Women’s issues

Mood disorders – referred to an effective disorder where your condition severely impacts your mood. Mood disorder is a broad term that is used to include all the different types of depressions and bi-polar disorder, both of which affect your mood.

Mental Health

Life coaching – incorporating the personality assessments, generally once a week for 4 weeks, a confidant providing you the guidance for work and personal relationships, to help optimize your life.

Personality work – myers-briggs inventory, 5 love languages, highly sensitive persons (HSP), answering the common questions of who am I, what is my purpose, where am I going? Through assestments, based on the results of the assessments customized therapy will be delivered to help answer the important questions such as… of who am I, what is my purpose, where am I going?

Compatibility Work – certain personalities get along with other specific personalities. Help answer the questions and help them know who they are and what personalities they are compatible with.

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EPP Advisory Group, Inc.

EPP Advisory Group, Inc. is a Diversified Human Service Provider delivering customized programs to both individuals and businesses. WORK SMART. BE WELL.THRIVE STRONG.

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